Lost data, application failures, facility damages and connectivity issues can devastate your bottom line, detonate customer relationships, and derail your entire company. Don't risk your revenue and reputation by being unprepared. If you are searching for a safe and reliable location for your Business Continuity needs, E-commerce Park is the perfect choice. E-Commerce Park offers a range of cost-effective colocation and network access packages to meet your specifications whether for a single server or a secure, dedicated cage. E-Commerce Park has it all, including trained on-site staff, available for your remote hands support around the clock.


Most locations in the Caribbean are subjected to the harsh reality of the unpredictable tropical environment. There are many examples of unprepared businesses being completely wiped out by hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes in the recent past. Curacao is fortunate to be in a region that is not impacted by any natural disaster risk and lies below the hurricane belt. Curacao is the ideal Safe Harbor for disaster recovery if your business is located in the Pan-Caribbean region thanks to the geography, political and legal climate, and abundant access to regional fiber networks.

Favorable to many industries including the Financial Services sector

The government and Central Bank of Curacao are welcoming and supportive to companies who need to replicate their financial data from another jurisdiction. Disaster Recovery and Replication platforms located at E-Commerce Park can take advantage of favorable duty free status and 2% tax rates.

Bandwidth and Connectivity

No Disaster Recovery plan for a Pan-Caribbean enterprise is complete without abundant access to Internet capacity and point-to-point connectivity. This is another key ingredient that sets E-Commerce Park apart from other options. The facility grounds are home to region’s largest subsea fiber optic systems ensuring diverse, carrier neutral access to internet at all times. More importantly, comprehensive DR plans often call for robust private network topologies and thanks to its special relationship with Columbus Networks, a Caribbean enterprise can link its primary platform or remote sites to E-Commerce park with a variety of point-to-point (MPLS or Clear Channel) or burstable bandwidth solutions. So your data and applications can connect seamlessly across the Pan-Caribbean, even in times of disaster.

Managed Services and Data Vaulting

E-Commerce Park is host and strategic partner to Managed Service providers who specialize in IT services, Virtualization, Data Replication and Data Vaulting. Contact us for more information about how these services may be useful to your plans.

Business Continuity Center

Sometimes disaster strikes the whole business and there is immediate need for furnished workspace. E-Commerce Park provides for on-site (flex) workspace for your key employees and work groups to continue critical business functions during the period required to recovery from a business interruption. This space is available to your staff 24x7 upon notification of the incident and will remain available until the recovery is complete. For a monthly fee you have a guaranteed seat at all times.



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