Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides guaranteed service levels, proactively monitoring network performance and availabilities, environmental conditions and being there for any and all remote hand requests to support your e-business environment,  24/7, 365 days a year. This round the clock monitoring together with management of firewalls, authentication, Virtual Private Networks and intrusion detection systems ensure results you can count on. The trained staff at the NOC can also assist with the back-up and restoration of data, hardware maintenance or installation. We provide guaranteed service levels, flexible services and measurable results on:

Monitoring and management

Upon request our NOC can monitor your E-Business components around the clock. Web servers, application servers, switches, routers can be monitored and managed. From all components statistics will be gathered and analyzed. A support ticket will be opened to inform you about any irregularities


The E-NOC will manage firewalls, authentication, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Intrusion Detection Systems, as well as providing escort for visiting engineers.


Managing back-up & restore and scalability on demand can also be performed by the Network Operation Center, including off-site storage of the back-up media. Upon request we can introduce you to various on-site back-up solution providers.
If you have a question or problem you can create a trouble ticket by logging in to our HelpDesk which is a vital service to our customers. When logged in to the helpdesk you are able to search previous opened trouble tickets by yourself and search for information.
To generate a ticket for any issues, including latency, poor performance, reboots, remote hands, or invalid logins, please include a trace-route, ping, or any relevant illustration that can depict the problem. Furthermore, please specify the exact time and date that the trouble occurred.




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