Ecommerce Park provides more than just a secure space. We can cross-connect Telecom Service Providers throughout the Pan-Caribbean region. Our location atop the region’s subsea fiber networks and adjacent to UTS mean that we occupy some very well connected real estate.

T-1's, E-1's, DS-3's and dark fiber to the Meet-Me-Room are in place and immediately available. More importantly, we have enough well-trained technicians on duty 24/7/365 to keep your circuits running smoothly and reliably.

Amsterdam Internet Exchange

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange Caribbean - for better interconnection and lower costs in the region.

We are proud to host CAR-IX, a neutral and independent not-for-profit Internet exchange modeled after the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), one of the worlds most successful and high quality Internet Exchanges. The CAR-IX platform has been designed and is operated by AMS-IX.

The exchange provides continuous high quality full capacity peering services for Caribbean and South American networks that want to keep as much traffic local for network optimalisation and financial benefits.

Ever wanted to better understand this thing called the Internet? Want to know what an IXP is? How does "peering" make the internet faster, better and cheaper? Well, watch this video made by EURO-IX and find out......

Telecom Interconnection includes:

  • 1/3 and full-sized cabinets.
  • Expandable 4'X 6', 5'X 8', and 8'X10' cages and larger.

Build-outs and provisioning begin immediately upon order because all work is done in-house. Customers decide the degree of ECP’s involvement in the set-up process.

  • AC Power
  • DC Power
  • UPS service

Using late-model equipment generally saves money by providing a smaller footprint. Additional savings can be achieved by purchasing pre-owned equipment when available.

Cross - Connections

E-Commerce Park’s support personnel are experts at cross-connecting and provisioning:

  • T-1's
  • E-1's
  • DS-3's
  • STM – 1’s
  • MPLS
  • Fiber
  • Internet

A web based ordering/tracking/monitoring system provides fast provisioning; on-time service delivery and "early warning" trouble reports.

ECP personnel can guarantee circuit and bandwidth turn-ups within hours. Repairs and reboots start almost immediately.*

* Excepting circumstances beyond our control.

Network Highlights

  • Multiple high speed BGP Tier-1 uplinks.
  • Cisco and Juniper powered.
  • Network and IP services operability monitoring.
  • Bandwidth monitoring (MRTG type) with usage graphs available to customers over the web.

Because needs vary, our customers retain the right to connect to their IP provider of choice. ECP will cross-connect customers to any provider with a Point Of Presence in facility. 



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