Internet Data Center Rules and Regulations

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In addition to the Internet Data Center Services Agreement E-Commerce Park customers and their representatives are bound by the following rules and regulations regarding the use of E-Commercepark Internet Data Center (IDC). Customer is responsible for following, and ensuring its agents and representatives follow, these Internet Data Center Rules and Regulations concerning use of and access to E-Commerce Park's (ECP) Internet Data Center ("IDC"). ECP reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate service if Customer or Customer's representative violates the Rules and Regulations set forth below.

Access to Internet Data Center

The IDC has a restricted access policy. Only those individuals identified in writing by ECP or by Customer on its' Customer Registration Form may have escorted access to IDC. Escorted access is a tariffed service as indicated in the Rate Sheet. ECP will require photo Identification for access verification. Upon entry, Customer or its Representatives will be issued a badge which it will wear at all time when in the IDC. Customer shall deliver prior written notice to ECP of any changes to the list of authorized representatives. Customer and its authorized representatives recognize that ECP shall not allow any other persons to have access to or enter the IDC. Customer and its authorized representatives may only access that portion of IDC made available by ECP to Customer (Customer Area) for the placement of Customer Equipment and use of the IDC Services. Customer must obtain the proper ECP authorization and be accompanied by an ECP representative prior to accessing any other area within the IDC. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of Customer's services. In addition,

  • Customer agrees to observe and follow all of the then current Building Rules and Regulations or other rules, policies and procedures of the IDC.
  • Installations. ECP requires a minimum of ten (10) business days' prior written notice for any new installation of Customer Equipment. The first four (4) consecutive hours of Installation are included in Customer's Services agreement with ECP. If Customer requires additional time for installation thereafter, a time and material charge shall be invoiced to Customer at ECP's then current rates.
  • Routine Maintenance. ECP requires a minimum of 24 hours prior notice to schedule a mutually agreed upon time for Customer-requested maintenance visits. Routine maintenance shall be conducted during normal business hours.
  • Emergency. ECP requires prior notice of no less than 1 hour in order to schedule a mutually agreed upon time for Customer emergency visits.
  • Security Access. Customer shall comply with the security access procedures of the IDC.

IDC Restrictions

Customer or its Representatives may not move any floor tiles or cabinets.

No item that could damage or interfere with the operation of a IDC or any of the equipment therein is permitted inside the IDC. Bringing any such item into the IDC may result in permanent expulsion from all ECP facilities. Such items include but are not limited to:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply systems not provided by ECP or without express prior approval from ECP
  • Climate-control devices
  • Electro-magnetic devices
  • Photography or recording equipment of any kind (exclusive of tape backup equipment)
  • Food or liquids
  • Chemicals, explosives, solvents, cleaners or paints
  • Paper, cardboard, Styrofoam or other flammable materials
  • Weapons or other inherently dangerous instruments

Customers may not wear open-toed shoes or shorts while in the IDC. If you have a question regarding items that may be brought into the IDC, please check with a IDC manager.

Customer Area

Customers are responsible for maintaining their own cage or cabinet areas clean and locked after their escorted access. Customers are to utilize the space allocated to them only for the placement of equipment and the use of IDC services.

Permitted Use of IDC

Customer shall not use the IDC, or allow access to or use of either, except in accordance with the terms contained herein and in the Agreement.

In its use of the IDC, Customer shall not interfere with ECP or other customers or tenants. Customer shall not connect the equipment to any other customers' colocated equipment without the express written consent of ECP.

Except as provided in writing, the Equipment shall remain the sole property of Customer. Customer expressly disclaims any right, title, or interest in or to any of ECP's equipment or property, or ECP's customers, or agents, whether located in the IDC or elsewhere.

On not less than sixty-(60) days prior written notice to Customer, ECP may relocate all or part of Customer Equipment within the IDC. Following receipt of such notice, Customer shall cooperate with ECP in relocating its equipment to the newly designated Customer Area within the IDC. ECP shall pay for such relocation of Customer Equipment.

Customer shall use the IDC according to the Internet Data Center Rules and Regulations solely for the purpose of installing, maintaining and utilizing its equipment and for interconnecting the Customer Equipment to ECP's Services, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement with ECP, and for no other purpose.

Equipment and Connectivity

  • The operation of Customer Equipment must at all times comply with manufacturer's specifications, including all power requirements.
  • Faulty power supplies or other faulty Customer Equipment must be replaced by the customer within 24 hours of notification from ECP. Once ECP has notified a customer of faulty equipment, ECP will be authorized to disconnect such equipment as necessary.
  • Customers may not exceed power limits engineered by ECP, as set forth in their contracts.Customers may choose to install dual power feeds for back-up purposes, however they may not draw from both feeds simultaneously. The maximum allowable amperage for a rack or cabinet must be drawn from the A feed, with B feeds serving as failover only. Customers drawing more than their stated power limits will be required to pay for the additional amperage. Additional AC Power (up to 20 Amps AC) in cabinet space: 0 set-up/ per 5 Amps (up to 5 additional) per cabinet space.
  • Customer shall not make any construction changes or material alterations to the interior or exterior portions of a the IDC or the Customer Area, including any cabling or power supplies for its equipment. Any changes or work needs to be performed by ECP at Customer's expense.
  • All connections to and from Customer Equipment must be clearly labeled. Each piece of equipment installed in the IDC must be clearly labeled with Customer's name (or code name provided in writing to ECP or issued by ECP) and individual component identification. Each connection to and from a piece of Customer equipment shall be clearly labeled with Customer's name (or code name provided in writing to ECP or issued by ECP) and the starting and ending point of the connection. Customer is responsible for all Customer Equipment. Customer Equipment must be configured and run at all times in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications, including power outlet, power consumption and clearance requirements. Customer must use its best efforts to provide ECP with at least 48 hours prior notice any time it intends to connect or disconnect any Customer Equipment or other equipment. Customer shall not place any hardware or other equipment in the IDC that has not been identified in writing to ECP.
  • Customers are forbidden to connect or disconnect any Customer Equipment or ECP-owned equipment, except where specifically pre-approved by an authorized ECP IDC-engineer.
  • ECP may provide dumb terminals, monitors, monitor cables, keyboards, extension cables and the like, as available, for temporary customer's use to connect to their equipment. This equipment is available on an "as is" basis, without any implied or written warranties. Customers must sign out such equipment from an IDC employee. If customers use this equipment, they do so at their own risk.
  • Customer Equipment must be installed so that rear-facing exhaust fans blow out the backs of the equipment cabinets.

Scheduled Maintenance Activity

ECP performs routine, scheduled maintenance at its IDC. The schedule is published in advance. An updated maintenance schedule can be found on the ECP Web site. During this scheduled maintenance and also during emergency maintenance, Customer Equipment may be unable to transmit or receive data, and customers may be unable to access their equipment. Customers agree to cooperate with ECP during these maintenance periods.

IDC Conduct

Customers and their Representatives may not:

  • Misuse or abuse any equipment owned or operated by ECP.
  • Make any unauthorized use of, or interfere with, any property or equipment owned or operated by any ECP customer.
  • Conduct themselves in an unprofessional manner or behave in an offensive way toward any individual, including ECP personnel and any other customer representatives on site.
  • Violate any laws or engage in any criminal activity while on ECP property or within the IDC facility. Misconduct will result in permanent expulsion from all ECP facilities and /or prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Violate the ECP Acceptable Use Policy, an updated version of which may be found on the ECP Web site, of which a current copy has been given to Customer.

Acceptable Use Policy

The ECP Acceptable Use Policy (Policy) is designed to help protect ECP, ECP Customers and the Internet community in general from irresponsible, inappropriate or, in some cases, illegal activities. It is the Customer's responsibility to check the ECP Web page for updates or modifications of the Acceptable Use Policy. A current hard copy of this policy has been provided to Customer.

Modification of the House Rules

ECP reserves the right to modify, add, delete or change these rules and regulations at any time without prior notification to its customers or their representatives. Customers bear the full burden of responsibility for regular review of these rules. Continued use of ECP facilities will constitute the customer's acceptance of the most up-to-date version of the House Rules. These may be found on the ECP Web site.

Internet Data Center Rules and Regulations


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